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Evergreen tree removal

Wisconsin is filled with evergreen trees including balsam fir, Jack pine, Norway pine, black/white spruce and cedar. Evergreens can be great neighbors: they’re low-maintenance, provide an effective wind-break and give your yard welcome color in winter months.

Unfortunately, evergreens are also susceptible to disease, infestation, and damage from extreme winter weather. If you have a dead, dangerous or otherwise problematic evergreen on your property, we can help.

Wisconsin's 6 Most Common Evergreen Diseases

Cytospora Canker of Spruce

Affects older spruce trees, causing stem disease, needle browning, and lower branch dieback.

Rhizosphaera Needle Cast

Fungal disease starting at the base of the tree, progressing upwards, with symptoms appearing around five months later.


Silk bags hanging from branches indicate infestation in various evergreen and deciduous trees.

Cercospora Blight

Caused by overcrowding and limited sunlight, resulting in a blight that starts at the base and moves upward.

Diplodia (Sphaeropsis) Blight

Affects Austrian Pines, leading to browning of needle tips.

White Pine Weevil

Destructive insect pest targeting various evergreen species, requiring monitoring and timely insecticide application.

When should pine trees be taken down?

Many homeowners want pine trees removed when they block views and natural light, or are growing too close to the house (or other structure).

Pine trees can also pose a safety hazard. Signs your pine tree should be removed include:

  • A crack in the trunk
  • Tree is leaning
  • Large limbs have broken off
  • Needles are all yellow/brown (unless it’s a tamarack)

Pine wood is weak and prone to damage in severe weather. Internal damage can cause a pine to die slowly (over months or years) so it’s important to regularly inspect your trees.

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Pine & Evergreen Tree Removal Service Wisconsin

How much does it cost to remove an evergreen tree?

Every tree removal job is unique, and cost varies based on the size, condition and location of your unwanted evergreen.

Please note these hourly rates are for tree removal without cleanup (we get the tree on the ground for you). You can add a full clean-up crew to any service for $400.00 per hour. If you request full-service tree removal, your quote will include cleanup.

CutNGo uses highly specialized tree removal equipment, making removal safer and more efficient (saving you even more money).

2 hours
$900.00 without cleanup
4 hours (half-day package)
$1,650.00 without cleanup
8 hours (full-day package)
$3,200.00 without cleanup
Same / Next Day (hourly rate)
$500.00/hr without cleanup

Get a cost estimate for pine tree removal

For a fee, we’ll send a certified arborist to your property to inspect your unwanted pine and quote removal costs. Skip the fee by sending us pictures of the tree, or showing it to us on a video call.

From our headquarters in Waukesha, we provide the best tree removal service throughout southeast Wisconsin including all of Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Washington, Dodge & Ozaukee Counties.