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Wisconsin Tree Removal Cost Calculator

Use our free Wisconsin tree removal cost calculator. Simply match the number of trees for removal and whether you want cleanup included with the numbers in the table below for a ballpark estimate.

When you’re ready to schedule tree removal, click Request Service below the tree removal cost table to be directed to the contact form.

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Use Our Tree Removal Cost Table Below for a Starting Estimate

2 hours (1 - 2 Trees)
$900.00 (without cleanup)
4 hours (2 - 5 Trees)
$1,650.00 (without cleanup)
8 hours (5+ Trees)
$3,200.00 (without cleanup)

Disclaimer: All pricing data are only estimates and not final. A team member must come out to assess the job and give you a free in-person quote. Same-day or next-day tree removal is available for $500 per hour.

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CutNGo’s Tree Removal Cost Packages

CutNGo’s tree removal pricing packages provide greater value than the competition. We offer accurate hourly rates, thanks to our efficient, remote-controlled Altec Knuckle Boom mounted grapple saw. This innovative equipment, invented by our founder Dan Voss, enables our crews to remove trees faster than traditional methods.

CutNGo hourly rates cover tree removal only, without cleanup. Full cleanup services are available for an additional $400 per hour. With our efficient approach, we can typically remove 3 trees at the same time it takes competitors to remove 1. It’s true that 95% of our referrals come from satisfied hourly rate customers who appreciate our productivity.

2 hours
$900.00 without cleanup
4 hours (half-day package)
$1,650.00 without cleanup
8 hours (full-day package)
$3,200.00 without cleanup
Same / Next Day (hourly rate)
$500.00/hr without cleanup

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Wisconsin?

The average cost of tree removal in Wisconsin is around $1,200 per tree, with some paying as little as $900 or as much as $1,400. Factors affecting the final price include the type of tree, weather conditions, the size of the tree and its positioning, and how dangerous the tree is to remove and whether the tree is compromised. Emergency tree removal will cost you the most, averaging $500 per hour.

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Common Tree Removals We Perform

  • Large trees
  • Small trees
  • Fallen trees
  • Dead trees
  • Dangerous trees
  • Storm damaged trees
  • Overgrown trees

DIY vs Professional Tree Removal Cost

While the cost of removing a tree yourself may seem cheaper, hiring a professional is the safer bet. Removing even a small tree is a dangerous job if done on your own. Plus, the risk of causing unintended property damage or being caught without a permit could cost you thousands.

A professional tree removal company like CutNGo will ensure your home and landscape won’t be damaged. And we’ll take care of any needed permits. We can save you the time of cutting up the tree with our available tree cleanup service. And we even offer stump removal through our company GrindNGo, which is combinable with value-added services that make it like the tree was never there.

Tree Removal Estimate FAQs

What time of the year is the cheapest for tree removal?

Winter and early spring are the cheapest times of year for tree removal. The absence of leaves makes branch access easier and the frozen ground keeps the landscape in place during tree removal.

What factors go into the cost of tree removal?

The cost of tree removal is often affected by 4 factors: tree size, tree condition, tree diameter and tree location. A bigger tree with a larger diameter will cost more to remove than a smaller tree with a smaller diameter. A compromised tree with weakening stability will be more tricky to remove safely vs a healthy and upright tree. Trees in tight spaces require more careful maneuvering vs a tree sitting far away from any structures or power lines.

What is the average cost per hour for tree removal?

The average cost per hour you can expect to pay for tree removal is between $150 and $400 per hour. Small to medium-sized trees with easier access will often take less time to remove and can lower your final cost vs harder to reach large trees.

Is tree removal covered by insurance?

Tree removal can only be covered by homeowner’s insurance if the tree(s) fell exclusively due to a covered peril like a severe storm. In many cases, the tree must be completely uprooted and fallen before insurance would cover the removal. Insurance will not cover removing decaying, leaning or otherwise dangerous trees.