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Utility line clearance

Trees too near power lines threaten the integrity of the grid and the safety of people in the area. We are uniquely qualified to remove hazardous trees near, under or overhanging power lines. We are one of the best utility line clearance remote control tree removal service available today.

CutNGo is A Trees and Tons Movement™ transforming the way Wisconsin removes trees.

Our one-of-a-kind approach to line clearance means even the most challenging tree removal jobs can be carried out efficiently and safely.

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Specialized equipment for utility services

We can cut down trees deemed too dangerous or inaccessible by other companies. Removing trees near power lines by remote control eliminates the risk of putting a person in the tree or close to the lines. It also reduces time and labor costs, making our pricing very competitive.

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Headquartered in Waukesha, CutNGo offers utility line clearance services throughout southeast Wisconsin (sometimes farther out for the right job).

Winter is the best Time for Tree Removal

Trees can be removed year round, but winter is the best season for several reasons:

Better for soil and grass

Frozen lawns are not as easily marked by heavy equipment, protecting soil and grass. Winter tree removal helps maintain the health of the land by preventing damage to surrounding trees and keeping dead trees from interrupting the distribution of soil nutrients in spring.

Tree Structure is easier to assess

When the leaves are gone it's much easier to identify dead and dangerous branches. The less obstructed view allows arborists to better assess damage and decay. Equipment operators are able to work more efficiently, saving on costs.

Trees are dormant in winter

Most of the bugs, fungi and other parasites that spread tree disease are dormant in winter, making it the safest time for removal. Removing trees when pests and diseases are dormant helps prevent their spread to other trees nearby.

Reduces Risk of Damage

A dangerous tree in summer is doubly dangerous in winter under the weight of heavy Wisconsin snow and ice. There's no need to wait for spring to get your dangerous trees removed.