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Silver maple tree removal in Wisconsin

CutNGo is your best choice for removing dead, damaged or nuisance Silver Maple Trees on your property. Silver maples are common in southeastern Wisconsin. Named for the silvery-white undersides of their leaves, silver maples grow quickly and provide shade when healthy.

Wisconsin's 6 Most Common Maple Tree Diseases


Symptoms: Smaller than normal leaves at the crown, discolored wood, and bald spots.

Root Rot

Symptoms: Fruiting structures along the trunk and roots; "bleeding" cankers on wood.

Verticillium Wilt

Symptoms: Wilted, yellowing leaves on one side of the tree; stunted leaf growth and defoliation; discoloration in the sapwood under the tree’s bark.

Tar Spot

Symptoms: Yellow spots on leaves turning into tar-like, black spots.


Symptoms: Shriveled leaves, discolored streaks on leaf veins, curled leaves with brown spots.

Powdery Mildew

Symptoms: White, powdery substance on leaves.

Problematic Silver Maple Characteristics

Unfortunately, Silver Maples have several problematic characteristics:

  • Fast growth means softer, more brittle wood – branches are easily damaged or downed
  • Shallow roots can interfere with lawn care, sidewalks & foundations
  • Careful, frequent pruning is required to prevent trunk splits & overgrowth
  • Dense foliage clings longer, meaning lots of late-fall cleanups

Using our remote-controlled articulated crane and truck-mounted grapple saw, we'll remove your unwanted silver maples faster, safer and for less cost than our competitors who use traditional tree removal methods.

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Silver Maple Tree Removal

Silver Maple Tree Removal Costs

Silver maple removal costs vary based on the size, condition and location of the tree. CutNGo removes silver maples with optional clean-up, giving you more cost-saving options.

Please note: hourly rates are for tree removal without cleanup. We offer an optional, full clean-up crew to any service for $400.00 per hour. If you request full-service tree removal, your quote will include cleanup.

Our specialized equipment allows us to send a smaller crew for the job, saving you money.

2 hours
$900.00 without cleanup
4 hours (half-day package)
$1,650.00 without cleanup
8 hours (full-day package)
$3,200.00 without cleanup
Same / Next Day (hourly rate)
$500.00/hr without cleanup

Getting a price quote is easy

Fill out our contact form for a free quote! Attach photos of the tree(s) you need to be removed and note their location. One of our sales associates will stop by and quote you for free on the spot. We also offer a full property analysis consultation by one of our certified arborists for $199.00. 

Based in Waukesha, we provide the best, safest tree removal service throughout southeast Wisconsin reaching through all of Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Washington, Dodge & Ozaukee Counties.