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Dropping Trees Faster and Safer, for less Cost

CutNGo Trees™

CutNGo is truly a first-of-its-kind tree removal service in Wisconsin. We remove trees with optional clean-up to give you more options and save you money.

From our crane operators to our ground personnel, everyone on our team carries crane rigging certifications, guaranteeing safe handling of every job.

Tricky Tree Removal

Lot Clearing


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Emergency Tree Removal

Storm Damage? Schedule same or next day service.

Harsh Wisconsin weather hits at the most inconvenient times and can cause hazardous, storm-damaged trees to fall on your property. CutNGo specializes in the emergency removal of large and dangerous trees other companies are afraid to touch. Our truck-mounted grapple saws have the unique ability to carefully place fallen trees on the ground without endangering lives and property nearby.

Tree Removal Pricing

2 hours
$900.00 without cleanup
4 hours (half-day package)
$1,650.00 without cleanup
8 hours (full-day package)
$3,200.00 without cleanup
Same / Next Day (hourly rate)
$500.00/hr without cleanup

Pricing is based on an hourly rate. How much it costs to remove a tree depends on the size, location, and other factors specific to each job. The only way to know the cost is getting in touch so we can see your tree.

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Remote Control Tree Removal

The Altec Knuckle Boom with a mounted grapple saw has an extended reach of 60 to 120 feet. Operated by remote control, it allows all of our employees to stay safely outside the drop zone. This means unmatched safety, and the ability to levitate pesky trees out from practically anywhere on your property. Cut N Go founder Dan Voss was instrumental in the development of this technology – ask him about it!

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